Defence Policy Analyst: “China’s Arrogance and Belief They are Next World Power Makes War With US/UK Inevitable and Soon” eMOTION! Archives

Defence Policy Analyst: “China’s Arrogance and Belief They are Next World Power Makes War With US/UK Inevitable and Soon”.

Battle of The South China Sea Scenario

Engineers and ground crew inspect China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter during tests; so much for western speculation in 2010 the country’s 5th generation combat aircraft development was “10-15 years” away…. Image: PLA

Prelude to Spyker SAAB Lawsuit – Euphemistic Audacity: eMOTION! Responds to GM China’s Kevin Wales’ Praise of “Innovation Through Commercialization”

Cadillac AERA Concept Embodies Paradigm Shaping Performance, Efficiency and Collision Avoidance Technologies Image: GM

 “Once Again, The Chinese… Have  Proven Themselves Masters of the Endgame, and True Progeny of Sun Tzu…”  -Myron D. Stokes, Publisher and the eMOTION! Industry Analytics Team

Euphemistic Audacity: eMOTION! Responds to GM China’s Kevin Wales’ Praise of “Innovation Through Commercialization”.

Excerpt:    “What Kevin Wales euphemistically calls China’s process of ‘Innovation
through commercialization’ 
to accelerate technology prove-out and
utilization, is simply considered, by every other industrialized society, as
theft, industrial espionage, illegal acquisition of intellectual property,
patent right infringement, unfair trade practice by government subsidization…

“In other words, economic war on a massive scale, coupled with an endgame
strategy epitomizing zero sum. Grammatically, we rank ‘Innovation through commercialization’ right along with ‘ethnic cleansing’ in sheer euphemistic audacity.

“Mr. Wales and other GM executives have played -willingly or unwittingly- into the most reprehensible example of (perhaps) illegal transfer of wealth, technology, production process and economic stability at the DNA level in the history of the world. And of greater concern, a concomitant compromise of US national security through provision of sensitive
technologies -like the neodymium magnets pioneered by former GM subsidiary
Magnequench which was itself inexplicably purchased by the Chinese in the same
time frame GM resumed sales in that country- with weapons applicability to
China’s military.  No, Mel Brooks (History of The World, Part I) is not laughing, nor is Ford amused amidst  recent reports of an F-150 ‘commercialization’ by a Chinese car firm.   And yes, you should be worried: The Once Great Britain learned the hard way as it woke up to the fact that world-renowned brands spawned within its borders were now owned by offshore others, while reducing its manufacturing base capacity to pre-industrial levels.”     Go to full analysis

A Formidable Weapon in GM’s Repertoire of Ultra-High Performance Cadillacs: 2013 CTS-V Coupe.  Publisher Myron D. Stokes’ experience with the CTS-V Sedan in California convinced him that in their price class, the V-Series Coupe, Wagon and Sedan may be the finest luxury performance vehicles in the world. Image: GM

Defence Policy Analyst: “China’s Arrogance and Belief They are Next World Power Makes War With US/UK Inevitable and Soon”

chinese-flag-640_0_0.jpgDecember 13, 2010 (PressReleasePoint)– Washington, DC    Comments subsequent to an Asia tour this year from a highly respected defense policy analyst who has served in previous administrations, seem to confirm the concerns by several key officials within the US Department of Defense, the UK Ministry of Defence and the crafters of a recently released report by the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission ( that China is on a collision course with Western powers extending beyond the reality of its sustained economic war against other countries.

yag_Now_Shi_Lang_PLAN13-2007-Dalian-Overhead.jpg  Chinese  Carrier Shi-Lang at Dalian Yards.This 67,500 Ton Kuznetsov-class Vessel, Originally the Ukraine’s Varyag,is Operational Now According to Our Intelligence Sources, Not 2015 as recently reported – Image PLAN

“The arrogance, dismissiveness and disrespect for the US in particular by senior Chinese officials during our visit was not only profound, but deeply disturbing,” said this analyst, speaking on condition of anonymity. “China’s current rate of growth is unsustainable, so much so that if it were to continue for the next two decades, another planet earth would be required. Even more alarming is that when presented with clear data supporting this contention, our Chinese colleagues made it obvious that “‘Even if it is necessary to grow beyond our borders, the current initiatives and policies will be maintained.’

“China”, the analyst continued, “is convinced that supplanting the US/UK as the dominant super-power; is within its grasp and will brook no conversations, observations, recommendations or warnings that suggest otherwise. Moreover, the idea that China can be dealt with based on a perception of a melded Confucianism/Shinto/Buddhist ideology-based paternalistic benevolency, is completely without merit. And is indeed, downright dangerous.

Confucian Philosophy Eliminated

“The quiet wisdom advocated by Confucius calling for respect of all others while being defenders of justice, has completely disappeared from China’s philosophy of governance; the victim of the Cultural Revolution initiated by Mao.” Suffice it to say that China 2010 is ideologically the mirror of Communist China 1949.

“Those who focus only on the potential of doing business within an explosive China economy,” he said, “while turning a blind eye to its stunning, ominous, military build-up, may find themselves in a most uncomfortable position as major global firms lose control of their China operations in a manner consistent with Buffett BYD plant confiscations. At the same time, the break out of hostilities against Japan and Taiwan is a distinct near to mid-term possibility.”

The analyst’s observations are well supported by learned others:

In his opening statement, [United States-China Economic and Security Review] Commission Chairman Dan Slane said “The 2010 Annual Report (released 17 November) reflects the Commission’s conclusions that China has failed in some notable areas to fulfill the promises it made nine years ago when it joined the World Trade Organization. Specifically, China is adopting a highly discriminatory policy of favoring domestic producers over foreign manufacturers. Under the guise of fostering “indigenous innovation” in its economy, the government of China appears determined to exclude foreigners from bidding on government contracts… In addition, China has proposed that its many state-owned corporations be exempt from WTO rules on procurement. The Chinese government quite simply intends to wall off a majority of its economy from international competition.”

In her opening statement, Vice Chairman Carolyn Bartholomew commented on China’s military modernization, saying “As a result of China’s improved offensive air and missile capabilities, the Chinese military has strengthened its capacity to threaten U.S. forces and bases in the region. Currently, China’s conventional missile capabilities alone may be sufficient to temporarily knock out five of the six U.S. air bases in East Asia. Saturation missile strikes could destroy U.S. air defenses, runways, parked aircraft, and fuel and maintenance facilities. Complicating this scenario is the future deployment of China’s anti-ship ballistic missile, which could hold U.S. aircraft carriers at bay outside their normal operating range.”

Western Companies Warned

The analyst further advised that “Western companies, inclusive of GM, Ford, VW, Boeing and Airbus, with significant investment in China-based manufacturing infrastructure and the proprietary processes PRC officials have demanded as a requirement to do business in the world’s most populous country, should thoroughly examine — Japanese companies have already done so — their exit and loss prevention strategies… now.”

Press Release:

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“The Secretary is now convinced that speed and electronics sophistication will not be effective against the Taliban and similar organizations engaged in asymmetric warfare,” says a high-level official who could not be identified as he was not authorized to speak on these matters.  “However, long range piston engined aircraft with heavy bomb loads and air-to-ground missiles, along with excellent loiter capability over the conflict area, can mitigate their operational freedom, in collaboration with expanded UAV utilization.  Another plus is lower vulnerability to heat-seeking missiles for the simple reason of a much reduced heat signature; not to mention that a replicant B-29 will have 1/10th the operating cost of a retrofitted B-52.” — Pentagon Source

B-29 Superfortress Returning to Air Force Inventory After 60 Years Image: US AirForce

Washington, D.C., The Pentagon, October 1, 2010 —  Pentagon sources are advising that Secretary of Defense Gates has directed Boeing to utilize the just allocated USD 12 billion for retrofitting of USAF B-52 Stratofortresses to retooling of its St. Louis and reactivated Wichita facilities for restart of B-29 Superfortress production.

“The Secretary is now convinced that speed and electronics sophistication will not be effective against the Taliban and similar organizations engaged in asymmetric warfare,” says a high-level official who could not be identified as he was not authorized to speak on these matters.  “However, long range piston engined aircraft with heavy bomb loads and air-to-ground missiles, along with excellent loiter capability over the conflict area, can mitigate their operational freedom, in collaboration with expanded UAV utilization.  Another plus is lower vulnerability to heat-seeking missiles for the simple reason of a much reduced heat signature; not to mention that a replicant B-29 will have 1/10th the operating cost of a retrofitted B-52.”

Boeing B-52H Stratofortress Displays its Wares Image: US AirForce

The source also noted the Secretary’s observation that “People should not find it difficult to see the logic of restarting B-29 production, especially when one considers the B-52 was designed just 6 years after Boeing test pilot Eddie Allen flew the prototype B-29 in September 1942 and took to the skies 6 years later.  Obviously, there is direct flight control and operational lineage between the two aircraft, and AF crews will have very little difficulty adjusting to the Superfortress, despite the fact that its 312 mph slower than a B-52H.”

Reminded that no data supports the contention of asymmetric-only future war scenarios, but would instead be conjoined with the conventional including, of course, battlespace threats to B-29 operations from generation 4.5 and 5 Russian, Chinese, North Korean and Iranian fighters, the source says the SECDEF expected such questions, and responded that “I see only a minimal threat to Superfortress missions”, while acknowledging the very little talked about “Black Tuesday” in the skies over North Korea in October 1951 when as many as 11 B-29s were lost to MiG-15 attacks over Namsi airfield. This disaster resulted in urgent movement of F-86 Sabres into theater to counter the MiG dominance.

“We are aggressively addressing this potential threat by ordering Boeing (North American Rockwell/Rockwell International defense and space divisions were acquired by Boeing in 1996 and integrated into Boeing Defense operations) to retool at least two facilities to accommodate the restart of F-51D Mustang production. By reintroducing Mustang, in parallel with accelerated phase out of F-22, F-15 and F-16 and discontinuance of F-35, we will adopt elements of the old Soviet Air Force, and their armed forces as a whole, philosophy of quantitative, as opposed to qualitative, superiority.  Meaning that we fill the skies with 437 mph Mustangs owing to the fact I can produce 100 of these aircraft for the same cost as 1 F-22 Raptor. The sheer density of our fighters in the battlespace will minimize the threat represented by even the most advanced MiG, Sukhoi, Jiang and Shenyang fighter types.”

Back to The Future” For Military Preparedness

The source further stated that the SECDEF is so completely convinced of the viability of this “back to the future” strategy – despite the objections of Admiral Mike Mullen and other senior DoD leadership – that he will be notifying Lockheed-Martin the C-5M REAMP/RERP program is to cease immediately and will instead apply the near 15billion allocated to restart production of the P2V Neptune long-range maritime patrol bomber. “They will be further directed to simultaneously establish a joint-venture with Boeing to re-initiate production of Boeing Model 377 Stratocruiser-based KC-97 aerial tankers.  “The Secretary remembers with fondness how impressed he was with the news that a Neptune had flown over 11,000 miles non-stop in September 1946, and as such will allow the US Navy to significantly reduce maritime patrol/search and rescue costs.

Unprecedented Reductions in Naval Air Operations Costs

“And speaking of the Navy,” the source continued, “Secretary Gates will be conveying to the Secretary of the Navy and force commanders, that effective immediately all FA/18 upgrade activity is to cease, and they are to phase out the Hornets from all fleet operations within 12 months.  The fighter and attack roles with be taken over by replicant Chance-Vought F4U-4C Corsairs and Douglas A-1D Skyraiders produced via a Boeing/Northrop-Grumman joint venture.

Strategic and Tactical Airlift

“Finally, the SECDEF has further determined through updated strategic and tactical airlift requirements analysis provided by PA and E, that replicant C-119  Boxcars can easily fill that role.  The DoD will begin phasing out C-17, C-5 and C-130J equipped airlift wings as quickly as is prudent.  My understanding is that the C-27J will remain as it is the perfect complement to the C-119.”

This Pentagon contact also advised  the SECDEF has conveyed to the President that “through these outlined force reduction and technological simplification processes, the defense budget would be reduced to 235 billion by 2013.”  The President was pleased by the Secretary’s aggressive actions to reduce spending, but cautioned him that he had non-definitive responses from Russia’s Medvedev and China’s Wen relative to his suggestion that those countries also consider the “reduction and simplification” approach to arms control.  He also stated that if he didn’t know better, he could have sworn he heard raucous laughter as both leaders were hanging up the phone…

Update 25 October 2012-

Publisher’s note:  While we have taken great pains to be as technically and historically pure as possible relative to aircraft performance, and accurate in assessment of current defense policy, this is a spoof of budget cut shortsightedness -in the words of a national security strategist colleague – on the part of too many who should know better…

— Myron D. Stokes