Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" Ad

“Publisher’s note: One wonders aloud why it took an Italian acquisition to allow this country to see what most of the world already knew: The historical center of the automotive universe is America and more specifically, Detroit.

“Legions of PR, marketing and advertising people have come and gone over the last 37 years, and save for a creative and innovative few, have failed to tap into the rich performance and styling history that exemplified Chrysler Corp… Dodge Division in particular…

“…Auto enthusiasts everywhere, and most certainly the City of Detroit, owe FIAT leadership (The firm just announced it is increasing its stake to 16% of Chrysler for 1.5bil) a debt of gratitude for the fabulous image boost emergent amidst decades of societal derision. Moreover, my family is especially proud of the “Imported From Detroit” Super Bowl commercial (http://www.chrysler.com/en/) featuring the pounding fist statue of master pugilista Joe Louis “The Brown Bomber” Barrow: The Stokes’ and Barrows of Camp Hill, Alabama, married into each other’s families decades ago…” (from post http://t.co/58kTZy8)

In line with previous awards such as our naming Ford F-150 as “Truck of The Decade” at the 2004 Chicago Auto Show (http://t.co/rVyOzeJ) and our placement on ER nearly a decade ago of a reproducible copy of what is considered some of the greatest advertising prose of all times “The Penalty of Leadership”
(http://www.emotionreports.com/SUV_Award/penalty_of_leadership.htm) by Theodore McManus, these accolades are not given easily or without substantive data to render them viable.

A formal notification is being forwarded to Chrysler officials.

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