Aerospace Competitors and Several Compromised Policy Makers Behind Continuing Efforts to Kill Indispensable C-17, and Boeing Itself; Sets Stage for US Air Force Acquisition of Airbus/EADS A400M, Continued Retrofit of Ancient Lockheed-Martin C-5 Galaxy

The Dr. Rufus Stokes Foundation Formed to Support Global HeavyLift Holdings, Partners, Humanitarian Emergency Afghanistan Airlift

Ron Howard’s Universal Pictures Movie “Rush” Chronicling The Rivalry Between Formula Racing Champions Niki Lauda and James Hunt Provides Backdrop For Grand Prix Development Committee of Arizona Announcing The Return of Racing Through The Streets of Phoenix



Contact: Steve Brown, Resource Group AV
Tel: 863-581-9364 email:

Myron D. Stokes, eMOTION!
Tel: 626-616-1655 email:

Chicago, IL – 27 September 2013 (eMOTION! – The Grand Prix Developmental Committee [of Arizona] has been created to bring racing back to the streets of Phoenix with a target date of Feb. 2015. And, with Ron Howard’s “Rush”, a movie detailing the historic rivalry between Formula One champions Niki Lauda and James Hunt premiering September 27, the timing of this announcement is fortuitous.

Proposed primary events are American Le Mans Series (ALMS, now part of United Sports Car Racing) Green Racing; the new FIA sanctioned Formula-E Electric series and Pirelli World Challenge of modified racing architecture that may very well change the face of Motorsports. Second year may conjoin ALMS, Formula-E, PWC and IndyCar events with support races. Third year, and possibly first year in the fall of 2015, could see an F1 event. Of particular note are plans to break ground for a new state of the art racing facility designed to accommodate a number of racing events including motorcycles, and a track design whereon the world may see the first sustained 300mph race.

“While this may seem like a daunting task technologically’, said Grand Prix Development Director Myron D. Stokes, “a recent interview with “Car Concerns” Harry Douglas, concerning a discussion I had with Chris Economaki in 1991. revealed that then existent Indy Car technology, given 3/4 miles of straightaway and about 33 degrees of banking, could hit 270mph.”

Stokes says it is a near term goal to initiate a 300mph experiment using C7 Corvette, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe or Mustang GT, which the committee believes will require only comparatively modest modifications/tweaking in the areas of engine, suspension and aerodynamics.

“We will not be alone in the attempt to accomplish this: Besides proposed involved OEM engineering groups, The Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory is assisting us in the aforementioned aspects. Initial testing is proposed at Talladega (site of Saab’s 21 Day “Long Run” of three 9000 series sedans in 1986) with its 33 degrees of banking, and the ultimate attempt at one of the European OEMs test tracks with sufficient straights. And yes, we expect Guinness to be there for this historical attempt”, he said.



Argonne National Laboratory Key Role

Argonne’s most important role in these initiatives is the development and utilization Green Racing Protocols that form the core of the project’s environmental sustainability goals. In this, it does not fall short. “Argonne National Laboratory initiated the concept of Green Racing and continues to provide technical support to these races”, said Forrest Jehlik, Research Engineer at Argonne’s Center For Transportation Research. “It is exciting that when Grand Prix racing returns to Phoenix, it will be following the Green Racing protocols. Imagine a Grand Prix race with fewer CO2 emissions than a Boston Marathon foot race; that’s Green Racing.”

Argonne GREEN Racing Camaro Image:

Echoing the comments of Argonne’s Jehlik, Valley of The Sun Clean Cities (Arizona) Coalition Director Bill Sheaffer noted that “The Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition is pleased to be a part of bringing Grand Prix racing back to Phoenix. This 36 hour endurance race will not only be exciting for racing fans, but will demonstrate to everyone that by using biofuels and other alternative motor fuels we can have cleaner air and reduce our dependence on petroleum fuels.”

The Grand Prix Development Team

Already within this cabal of Motorsports and automotive industry veterans is designated Race Director Peter Wearing Smith of Australia, a race management veteran and auto journalist who ran an F1 team at the MACAU GP for some years; Rod Campbell, founder of PCGCampbell, Ford’s Motorsports Agency and with extensive experience in the development of street racing venues ; Forrest Jehlik, Research Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory Center For Transportation Research; Paul Brian of WLS Chicago Radio Program DRIVE, long time Director of PR for the Chicago Auto Show, and an executive with Pegasus Marketing; Brock Yates, Jr., Event Coordinator of Cannonball Circuit, LLC dba The Tire Rack One Lap of America; Andrew Marriott, Veteran UK Motorsports Commentator and Race Management; Steve Brown, international event planner of Hall and Brown Associates and The Resource Group, AV, Inc; Robert E. Seaman III of ProAdvisory Group, Chairman of the Millennium Foundation and the primary force behind the founding of the St. Petersburg and New Orleans Grands Prix among other motorsports initiatives while possessed of a competition license; Dr. Tracy Joshua, A Global Transportation Logistics executive whose professional experience includes Ford Motor Company and Xerox; John Mealer of The Mealer Automotive Companies; Marvin LaBranche, MBA, MHRM, motorsports financials; Larry Weis, CEO of USAutoCom Associates, a top rated automotive/aerospace industry PR firm; Mr. Thomas H. Miner of Thomas H. Miner and Associates; Ben Ballout of Diplomatic Trade Ltd, an import/export firm with extensive Middle-East connectivity who will act as a bridge to collaborative motorsports activities in that part of the world; Jeff Machtig, co-Founder of DVE Telepresence, a virtual human representation technology that must be seen to be believed, Ed Possing, an established contractor specialist who will oversee street race construction activities, and who has constructed buildings around the world as part of humanitarian outreach; Greg Jones, inventor, innovator and CEO of Agsort, Inc., developers of advanced agricultural technologies that may change how the world feeds itself; Harry Douglas, award winning Nissan dealer and host of the global radio show “Car Concerns”, Bill Sheaffer, Director, Clean Cities (of Arizona) Coalition; Alan Deszcz, Senior VP, NAI Capital and an accomplished racer; Ken Sprang, Esq., of the Washington International Business Law Counsel; business and corporate law generalist & law professor.

“These are people with whom I’ve worked with over the decades in the motorsports arena”. Stokes says. “They are not in this for mere visibility, but to get the job done, no matter the difficulties and complexities with bringing a major event to fruition. Some are aware that our humanitarian assistance arm has led 3 emergency airlifts to the refugee camps of Afghanistan and in the middle of planning a 4th as we speak; so, it goes without saying that there are few tasks more daunting, complex and dangerous. As such, a mindset of successful race implementation is created and operative.”

UK based veteran motorsports commentator Andrew Marriott, looks forward to racing’s return to Phoenix and an opportunity to participate again. “Street racing is the purest form of motorsport and I welcome plans to bring it back to one of America’s great cities – Phoenix. I worked all three of the old races and remember not only Ayrton Senna’s great drives but also Jean Alesi showing his Formula 1 talent for the first time.”

Permanent Race Track/City

Concomitant with efforts towards the world’s first 36 Hour street race in Phoenix, are plans for a state of the art race track built with advanced building materials and alternative energy processes developed by the US Department of Energy. “At the recommendation of an Argonne Research Fellow, we will be reaching out to the administrators of one of the world’s premier environmental sustainability projects: Arcosanti, located in northeast Arizona off I-17 in the high desert, for architectural guidance in the building of the Race Track/City”, said Steve Brown GP Events Coordinator. “Utilizing the Arcology building design process as developed by legendary architect Paolo Soleri for this proposed racing complex/city is exciting to us, and we look forward to visiting Arcosanti as early as next month.

“We are also reaching out to tribal leaders of the Navajo, Apache and Hopi tribes to gain approval to use tribal lands for the Race Track/City. We make no assumptions in terms of their understanding an economic benefit; we are only concerned that they understand our respect of sacred and generational lands”, he said.

OEM Outreach

Given the strong potential for technological breakthroughs in the automotive, aerospace and materials sectors, the Grand Prix Developmental Committee [of Arizona] is reaching out to senior executives at Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mercedes, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman, Beechcraft, Piaggio, Cessna, BMW, Audi, Aston-Martin, Jaguar/Land Rover, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Google (driverless car initiative) major suppliers and others, for their early participation.

“As a colleague once said, an extraordinary amount of technology cross-fertilization has occurred between these industries. When one considers that the conceptualization, design, design for manufacturability, manufacturing, sustainability and life-cycle management disciplines are symbiotic, the task of addressing the effects of wind, lift, thrust and drag on a moving mass is critical to analyze as a system”, says Walsh College, Troy, Michigan Professor Dr. Sheila Ronis. As a national security strategist, “car guy” and rocket scientist early in her career, she worked with former Cadillac Chief Engineer Bob Dorn to “fix” the Division’s Allante Sport Luxury car.

“The goal of a sustained 300 mph race and all that it entails in a manner not dissimilar to the space race, ought to fire the imaginations of those involved. We invite all of the companies involved, with their hundreds of combined years of experience, to join with us and the Argonne team to make this vision a reality”, she said.

Energy Company As Title Sponsor Sought

There is consensus among committee members that the title sponsor of the world’s first 36 Hour “Green” Street Race should be an energy company with clear goals of creating fuels and alternative energy processes conducive to environmental sustainability. “We are aware of the work of Sunoco, Shell and BP, among others, in this arena, and we reach out to them to join this project”, Stokes said. “We also commend T. Boone Pickens for his CNG advocacy, and would welcome him aboard this quest as well.”

# # #
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About eMOTION!
eMOTION! ( is an automotive/aerospace industries research and analysis site targeting professionals within the academic, media, corporate and government sectors. The site also created a pathway through which white papers and other scholarly works such as “Crisis On Asimov: A Vision of 2085” by national security strategist Dr. Sheila Ronis; “Quantum Parallel: The Saint-Hilaire Quasiturbine as the Basis For Simultaneous Paradigm Shift in Vehicle Propulsion Systems” and “Super-Globalism: Strategies For Maintaining a Robust Industrial Base Through Technological, Policy and Process Improvement”, could be presented to a broadened yet specific audience.

Publisher Myron D. Stokes is an award winning veteran automotive/aerospace industry analyst and spent several years as an industry correspondent for Newsweek, Newsweek Japan and Newsweek International. His work as an journalist with special emphasis on business and technology has been published in a variety of other major print mediums including the Detroit News, Changing Times Magazine, Auto Week and corporate publications. Over the years, he has provided major corporations and media groups with “deep background” analyses that have helped shape the direction of some of the most significant news stories and industry strategies.

After outlining a strategy to expand industry coverage for Newsweek Magazine in November of 1991, he worked in the capacity of industry correspondent and investigative reporter. His reporting included in-depth assessments of the “shake- up” at GM, the much publicized industrial espionage charges against former GM supplier executive Dr. Ignacio Lopez; the hazards of doing business in China; the viability of Electric Vehicles which centered on advanced battery technology in both the private sector and military (Newsweek International edition); the difficulties then facing Japan’s auto industry and the comeback of the Big Three (Newsweek Japan).

In recent years, he has covered some of the most recognized stories in automotive, aerospace and general interest. These include the Kirk Kerkorian Chrysler takeover attempt; the GM C/K truck controversy; the U.S./Japan trade issue (Newsweek Japan) which required significant interaction with then Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown; data for Newsweek cover story (4/95) on Airline Safety; investigative analysis of possible collusion between the warring governments of Bosnia President Alijah Izetbegovich and Serbia President Slobodan Milosevic along with uncovering of plan to re-implement ethnic cleansing prior to Srebenica massacre (6/95); and the Oklahoma City bombing.

His ability to thoroughly and accurately report and analyze issues of substance garnered himself and former Newsweek Detroit Bureau Chief Frank Washington first place in the coveted Detroit Press Club International Golden Wheel Award for Automotive Journalism in 1995. This competition, judged by professors from the University of Nebraska School of Journalism, included entries from 110 journalists in five countries. Business Week took second place. Stokes was also privileged to function as acting Detroit Bureau Chief for Newsweek.

Stokes maintains strong interest in global affairs, and continues to be involved in a range of nation building and humanitarian/disaster relief efforts. Among these were acting as initial intercessor between UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the then warring governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia; an activity which helped lead to the cessation of hostilities in October 1999; the coordination of relief activities with US, European and Middle-East based colleagues subsequent to the Bam, Iran, earthquake of 2004, the Pakistan earthquake of 2005, and co-structuring of academic and industrio/economic base developmental programs with colleagues in Pakistan and India.

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MOTORSPORTS MEDIA ADVISORY: 2013 Pirelli World Challenge Championships – GT/GTS Rounds Six and Seven – Pirelli World Challenge Cadillac V-Series Challenge at The Chevrolet DETROIT Belle Isle Grand Prix

GMG Audi R8 During Qualifying For Detroit Grand Prix/Pirelli World Challenge

 Publisher’s note: In a recent phone interview with Arizona 2014 gubernatorial candidate JL Mealer, founder of Mealer Automobiles ( he advised that “It is my intent to encourage the return of a Phoenix Grand Prix -type street racing event after a 22 year absence (despite a strong attempt in 2007) with Indy Car ( and the Pirelli World Challenge Series ( ) as the signature events.  The economic stimulus of such events is well known and I see this as compatible with my revitalization/re-stabilization strategies for Arizona. I will forward any inquiries received via my email  to the exploratory committee that has been founded for this purpose.”   (
 GMG Audi R8 During Qualifying For Detroit Grand  Prix/Pirelli World Challenge Image: SCCA
Pirelli World Challenge Championships
GT/GTS Rounds Six and Seven
Pirelli World Challenge Cadillac V-Series Challenge at Belle Isle
Detroit, Mich.
Media Contact:
Dave Drimmie, Marketing & Communications for WC Vision, (416) 835-6601,
Greg Gill, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for WC Vision, (714) 598-7827,
Chris Berg, SCCA PR Coordinator, (913) 317-6966,
Belle Isle Street Circuit
13-turn, 2.3-mile Temporary Street Course
Round Six: Friday, May 31, 12:45 p.m. (EDT)
Round Seven: Sunday, June 2, 8:30 a.m. (EDT)
Green Flag:
Round Six: Saturday, May 31, 10:15 a.m. (EDT)
Round Seven: Sunday, June 2, 12:00 p.m. (EDT)
Race Lengths:
50 minutes or a to-be-determined lap count (whichever comes first)
Television (on NBC Sports Network):
June 16, 5:00 p.m. (EDT)
Live Streaming:
Starts at 9:45 a.m. (EDT) Saturday, June 1 @
Media Notes: Results are available on the AP SportsWire, via e-mail and on the Internet (
Timing/Scoring:  Live Timing & Scoring and lap notes via the SCCA® Pit Board are available for all sessions through
The Most Relevant Road Racing In the World
Celebrating its 24th season in 2013, the Pirelli World Challenge Championships have built a legacy around providing fans the most competitive road racing in the world, and the series has earned well-deserved praise the past few years from publications such as AutoWeek, Car & Driver and RACER Magazine for doing just that. But what really sets Pirelli World Challenge GT, GTS, Touring Car and Touring Car B-Spec apart from all other series is the “everyday” element it brings each event.  World-class drivers piloting production-based cars that come from more than 15 auto manufacturers – it’s a formula that has and will continue to serve the interests of manufacturers, drivers and, most importantly, automotive enthusiasts and race fans.
Changes for 2013
The 2013 Pirelli World Challenge Championships features combined class sprint races for GT, GTS and Touring Car and B-Spec. The schedule for 2013 has expanded to include nine different venues. The recently-opened Circuit of the Americas was added to the schedule this year. A 14-race schedule is planned for all classes, with the final round being run in Houston, Oct. 4-6.
Diverse Championships
This weekend, Pirelli World Challenge has 40 cars on the entry list set to race on the streets of Belle Isle. The GT entry list includes the Cadillac CTS-V, Porsche 911, Volvo S60, Chevrolet Corvette, Audi R8, Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS, and Nissan GT-R. GTS features the Ford Mustang Boss 302, along with the Chevrolet Camaro, Nissan 370Z,  Porsche Cayman S, Lotus Exige, Scion FR-S, Pontiac Solstice, KIA Optima and the Acura TSX.
Rookies, Local and International Talent
There will be three true rookies in the GTS field: Jim Taggart, Eric Davis, and Roger Rodas.
Four drivers will represent the state of Michigan in their home race in the GTS classes. Those drivers include Dane Moxlow, of Grosse Ile; Todd Napieralski, of Chelsea; Dean Martin, of Westland; and Craig Capaldi, of Richmond.
Aside from the international flavor provided by the vehicle manufacturers represented in the Pirelli World Challenge, drivers representing three countries outside the United States compete in the series. Canadian Mark Wilkins, Roger Rodas, of El Salvador, and Swede Nic Jonsson are all scheduled to compete in Detroit.
The Battle of Detroit – General Motors vs. Ford
Two Detroit-based auto manufacturers are represented in World Challenge this weekend. General Motors, with its corporate headquarters mere miles from the circuit, will be represented by eight entrants, including five Chevrolet Camaros, two Cadillac CTS-Vs, one Chevrolet Corvette and one Pontiac Solstice.
The Ford Motor Company, based in nearby Dearborn, is represented by a platoon of 10 Mustang Boss 302s.
Last year, GM dominated the podium, will this year be different?
Something for the Fans
The Pirelli World Challenge offers great access to the drivers and machinery of the series. According to venue policies, the Pirelli World Challenge allows spectators of all ages to walk through the paddock to meet their favorite drivers and see the sleek race cars moments before they take to the track for competition.
Pirelli World Challenge Takes to the Streets of Detroit’s Belle Isle
The Pirelli World Challenge GT and GTS competitors head to Detroit’s iconic Belle Isle street course for the Cadillac V-Series Challenge doubleheader event and Rounds Six and Seven of 2013. Forty cars representing 14 marques are entered for the race.
Last year Johnny O’Connell, of Flowery Branch, Ga., was able to sweep the doubleheader event for Cadillac. O’Connell scored the GT victory in Race One after polesitter Randy Pobst was involved in a first-lap crash. In Race Two, O’Connell scored his second win from pole.
Andy Lee, of Colorado Springs, Colo., was able to also sweep the weekend with two wins, after winning the pole for both races. The four wins for General Motors, of which Cadillac and Chevrolet are both part of, was extremely significant with the company’s headquarters located just miles from the race track.
While many of the 40 drivers entered for this year’s races were on the course last year, there have been significant changes made to the track since the 2012 event, in an effort to facilitate more passing. A portion of switchback turns at the east end of the circuit has been replaced with three nearly-90-degree turns, separated by sizable straightaways. Aside from the desired goal of more passing zones, the changes are expected to yield faster speeds.
Pirelli World Challenge GT: Sofronas Carries a Commanding Lead into Detroit
James Sofronas, of Villa Park, Calif., has been undeniable in 2013. Driving the No. 14 Mobil 1/GMG Audi R8, Sofronas scored at least one win during each of the three race weekends in 2013, totaling three wins in five races. Coupled with a pair of runner-up finishes, Sofronas’ success has him atop the point standings, amassing 661 points.
Sofronas, the principal at Global Motorsports Group, will again have the largest contingent of cars in the paddock, fielding two additional GT contenders and a GTS machine. The No. 24 Services Audi R8 will be driven by Duncan Ende, of Los Angeles, while Bret Curtis, of Westlake Village, Calif., pilots the No. 32 United Steel Supply/Spectra Resources Audi R8.
Andy Pilgrim, of Boca Raton, Fla., sits second in the drivers’ standings, 180 markers behind Sofronas. The driver of the No. 8 Cadillac Racing Cadillac CTS-V.R heads to Detroit following three-straight podium finishes, including a hard-fought second in Sunday’s race at Circuit of The Americas.
His teammate, O’Connell, sits third in the driver’s standings, with 461 points. O’Connell, in the No. 3 Cadillac Racing Cadillac CTS-V.R, has had a very up and down season, so far. Following the disappointment of retiring on the final lap while leading at Long Beach, O’Connell was the class of the field at COTA’s Saturday race, notching his first win of the year. A day later, he would feel much the same sting from Long Beach, dropping out of the race from the lead, with  a broken steering component on lap three.
The K-PAX Racing teammates of Randy Post, of Gainesville, Ga., and Alex Figge, of Denver, sit third and fifth in the drivers’ points, respectively. Pobst, in the No. 6 K-PAX Racing Volvo S60, scored his second podium of the season in Round Five at COTA, finishing second. He trails O’Connell by 40 points.
Figge, in the No. 9 K-PAX Racing Volvo S60, has been another of the tough-luck drivers this season. He has been quick early in races, but has run into trouble while in the lead. After winning the opening race at St. Petersburg, in Round Two, Figge’s tire was punctured by debris from a late-race collision, forcing him to pit from the lead. In Round Three at Long Beach, Figge’s car suffered a mechanical failure while in the lead, that sent the car spinning out of control, hitting the retaining  wall in Turn One. Following two top-10 finishes at COTA that leave him with 407 drivers’ points, Figge should be near the front in Detroit.
Mike Skeen, of Charlotte, N.C., sits between the K-PAX duo, fourth in the drivers’ standings with 417 points. Skeen, in the No. 2 Hawk Performance Chevrolet Corvette, is usually toward the top of the time sheets early in the weekend and will look to convert that speed to success in qualifying and the race. His teammate, Tim Bell, of Los Altos, Calif., will try to follow suit in the No. 12 Hawk Performance Nissan GT-R.
Tomy Drissi, of Los Angeles, is again slated to drive the No. 46 The Heat Porsche 911 GT3 Cup for the second time. Bostonian Tim Pappas, in the silver No. 54 Mercedes-Benz SLS comes to Detroit having scored a top-five finish at COTA in the gullwing machine. Craig Stanton, of Long Beach, Calif., completes the 12-car GT field in the No. 85 Racing For our Heroes Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.
Pirelli World Challenge GTS: Baldwin Holds Down the Point in GTS
 Jack Baldwin, of Marietta, Ga., maintains the GTS Championship lead heading into the Detroit race weekend, with 579 points. Baldwin amassed his point lead by finishing all five races on the podium thus far, including a St. Petersburg sweep in his No. 73 Motul/StopTech/Foametix Porsche Cayman. Baldwin’s teammate and long-time Trans-Am Series car owner Buz McCall, of Boca Raton, Fla., will make his first Belle Isle start in the No. 72 Motul/StopTech/Foametix Porsche Cayman.
Peter Cunningham, of Milwaukee, Wis., sits second in the drivers’ standings, 125 markers behind Baldwin. Driving the No. 42 Acura/HPD/RealTime Acura TSX, Cunningham comes off a weekend at COTA where he was unable to finish on the podium, something he had done in the previous three races. He and his teammate, Nick Esayian, of San Diego, in the No. 34 Acura/HPD/RealTime/Red Line Oil Acura TSX, will look to get back on the right path in Detroit.
Mark Wilkins, of Toronto, scored a third-place finish in Round Five behind the wheel of the No. 38 Kia Motors America Kia Optima, which was the first podium for the marque in 2013. As a result, Wilkins occupies third in the drivers’ championship, with 422 points. His teammate Nic Jonsson, of Sweden, also showed strong pace at COTA, but was unable to finish Round Five in the No. 36 Kia Motors America Kia Optima due to contact. Both drivers are hungry to drive their Kia to victory lane and will  attempt to do just that this weekend.
The No. 20 Best IT Chevrolet Camaro, driven by Lee has also been in the championship hunt as we approach the mid-way point of the season. Lee found his way to the front in each of the five races this year, scoring three podiums, including one win at the most recent round at Circuit of the Americas. Currently, Lee sits fourth in the drivers’ championship with 408 points and swept the Detroit doubleheader in 2012.
Lee’s teammate, Harry Curtin, of Buffalo, N.Y., continues to improve behind the wheel of the No. 29 Best IT Chevrolet Camaro. In only his second year of Pirelli World Challenge competition, Curtin will try to continue his development at the new-layout Belle Isle circuit.
Alec Udell, of The Woodlands, Texas, sits fifth in drivers’ points. Udell has accumulated 372 points after Round Five in the No. 17 Motorsports Development Ford Mustang Boss 302, which is impressive considering the 17-year-old driver was unable to compete at Long Beach due to his age. As a result, he scored double points for his sixth-place finish in Round Four.
Lawson Aschenbach, of Jupiter, Fla., and Tony Gaples, of Libertyville, Ill., have proven to be quick in their Black Dog Speed Shop machines thus far in 2013. Aschenbach, driving the No. 10 Blackdog Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro, sits sixth in points despite having scored two wins (Long Beach and COTA Race One). Gaples, in the No. 11 Blackdog Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro, has been consistently strong, scoring four top-10 in five races.
Bill Ziegler, of Pointe Verde Beach, Fla., will be the fourth GMG car in the combined field driving the No. 95 Swisher Racing/GMG Pontiac Solstice.
To add to the mix, four GTS drivers will be making their first start at the circuit just outside downtown Detroit. That list includes Dean Martin, of Westland, Mich., in the No. 50 Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang Boss 302; Roger Rodas, of El Salvador, in the No. 52 Always Evolving Ford Mustang Boss 302S; Jim Taggart, of Raleigh, N.C., driving the No. 61 Lotus USA/Taggart Autosport/LRR Lotus Exige; and Eric Davis, of Burbank, Calif., driving the No. 75 Always Evolving Autotopia Ford Mustang Boss 302.
Four Michigan drivers will also be fighting to finish well in their “home” race. Dane Moxlow, of Groose Ile, Mich., returns to the streets of Belle Isle in the No. 7 Trenton Forging/Eaton Steel/Huntington Bank Ford Mustang Boss 302S. Todd Napieralski (No. 39 Total Performance Racing Chevrolet Camaro), of Chelsea, Mich.; Craig Capaldi, of Richmond, Mich., in the No. 69 Wolverine Bronze Company Ford Mustang Boss 302, and newcomer Martin will battle with Moxlow to bring the hometown fans  to their feet.
Ardee Toppe, of The Woodlands, Texas, in the No. 21 Ford Mustang Boss 302; Roger Miller, of Salt Lake City, Utah, driving the No. 23 Ford Mustang Boss 302S; Ric Bushey, of Virginia Beach, Va., in the No. 51 Nissan/Motul/OSGiken/SPL/Sparco Nissan 370Z; Rich Golinello, of Tampa, Fla., driving the No. 55 Ford Mustang Boss 302S; Tom Long, of Raleigh, N.C., in the No. 60 Lotus USA/Taggart Autosport/LRR Lotus Exige; Robert Stout, of Brownsburg, Ind., in the No. 86 Scion/TRD/Lucas Oil/E3 Park Plug Scion  FR-S; Brad Adams, of New Orleans, driving the Voodoo/DatDog/Yo MTV Raps! Ford Mustang Boss 302S; and Brian Kleeman, of Towson, Md., in the DXD Clutches/DWW Motorsports Nissan 370Z, complete the 27-car Pirelli World Challenge GTS field.
GT: Qualifying Lap: N/A, New Course Configuration
Race Lap: N/A
Closest Margin of Victory: N/A
GTS: Qualifying Lap: N/A
Race Lap: N/A
Closest Margin of Victory:  N/A
GT:2012:Race One – Johnny O’Connell, Cadillac CTS-V.R
Race Two – Johnny O’Connell, Cadillac CTS-V.R
2008:Randy Pobst, Porsche 911 GT3
2001:Peter Cunningham, Acura NSX
GTS:2012:Race One – Andy Lee, Chevrolet Camaro
Race Two – Andy Lee, Chevrolet Camaro
2008:Randy Pobst, Porsche 911 GT3
2001:Peter Cunningham, Acura NSX
Event Entry List
Pirelli World Challenge Championships
No., Class, Driver / Hometown, Sponsors Car
2, GT, Mike Skeen/Charlotte, NC, Hawk Performance Chevrolet Corvette
3, GT, Johnny O’Connell/Flowery Branch, GA, Cadillac Racing Cadillac CTS-V.R
6, GT, Randy Pobst/Gainesville, GA, K-PAX Racing Volvo S60
7, GTS, Dane Moxlow/Grosse Ile, MI, Trenton Forging/Eaton Steel/Huntington Bank Ford Mustang Boss 302S
8, GT, Andy Pilgrim/Boca Raton, FL, Cadillac Racing Cadillac CTS-V.R
9, GT, Alex Figge, Denver, CO, K-PAX Racing Volvo S60
10, GTS, Lawson Aschenbach/Jupiter, FL, Blackdog Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro
11, GTS, Tony Gaples/Libertyville, IL, Blackdog Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro
12, GT, Tim Bell/Los Altos, CA, Hawk Performance Nissan GT-R
14, GT, James Sofronas/Villa Park, CA, GMG/Mobil 1 Audi R8 LMS
17, GTS, Alec Udell/The Woodlands, TX, Motorsports Development Mustang Boss 302R
20, GTS, Andy Lee/Colorado Springs, CO, Best IT Chevrolet Camaro
21, GTS, Ardee Toppe/The Woodlands, TX, Ford Mustang Boss
23, GTS, Roger Miller/Salt Lake City, UT, Ford Mustang Boss 302S
24, GT, Duncan Ende/Los Angeles, CA, Services Audi R8 LMS
29, GTS, Harry Curtin/Buffalo, NY, Best IT Chevrolet Camaro
32, GT, Bret Curtis/Westlake Village, CA, United Steel Supply/Spectra Resources Audi R8 LMS
34, GTS, Nick Esayian/San Diego, CA, HPD/Acura/RealTime/Red Line Oil Acura TSX
36, GTS, Nic Jonsson/Sweden, Kia Motors America Kia Optima
38, GTS, Mark Wilkins/Toronto, ON, Kia Motors America Kia Optima
39, GTS, Todd Napieralski/Chelsea, MI, Chevrolet Camaro
42, GTS, Peter Cunningham/Milwaukee, WI, Acura/HPD/RealTime Racing Acura TSX
46, GT, Tomy Drissi/Los Angeles, CA, The Heat Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
50, GTS, Dean Martin/Westland, MI, Ford Mustang Boss 302S
51, GTS, Ric Bushey/Virginia Beach, VA, Nissan/Motul/OSGiken/SPL/Sparco Nissan 370Z
52, GTS, Roger Rodas/El Salvador, Always Evolving Performance Ford Boss 302S
54, GT, Tim Pappas/Boston, MA, Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS GT3
55, GTS, Rich Golinello, Tampa, FL/Ford Mustang Boss 302S
60, GTS, Tom Long/Raleigh, NC, LotusUSA/Taggart Autosport/LRR Lotus Exige
61, GTS, Jim Taggart/Raleigh, NC, LotusUSA/Taggart Autosport/LRR Lotus Exige
69, GTS, Craig Capaldi/Richmond, MI, Wolverine Bronze Co Ford Mustang
72, GTS, Buz McCall/Boca Raton, FL, Motul/StopTech/Foametix Porsche Cayman S
73, GTS, Jack Baldwin/Marietta, GA, Motul/StopTech/Foametix Porsche Cayman S
75, GTS, Erik Davis/Burbank, CA, Always Evolving Autotopia Ford Mustang Boss 302S
85, GT, Craig Stanton/Long Beach, CA, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
86, GTS, Robert Stout/Brownsburg, IN, Scion/TRD/Lucas Oil/E3 Spark Plug Scion FR-S
95, GTS, Bill Ziegler/Ponte Verde Beach, FL, Swisher Racing/GMG Pontiac Solstice
96, GTS, Brad Adams/New Orleans, LA, Voodoo/DatDog/Yo MTV Raps! Ford Mustang Boss 302S
07, GTS, Brian Kleeman/Towson, MD, DXD Clutches/DWW Motorsports Nissan 370Z

Andy Lee of Colorado Springs, CO, pilots his Best IT Chevrolet Camaro during  a Pirelli World Challenge event – Image: Weber

2013 Auto Industry Analysis: Dodge Challenger R/T at L’Auberge de Sedona: A Blending of Technological and Culinary Excellence

2013 Auto Industry Analysis: Dodge Challenger R/T at L’Auberge de Sedona: A Blending of Technological and Culinary Excellence

MEDIA ADVISORY: Veteran Automotive/Aerospace Journalist/Analyst, ZINTRO Expert Myron D. Stokes Available For Interviews at Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago and New York International Auto Shows


Re:  Veteran Automotive/Aerospace Journalist/Analyst Available For Interviews on State of The Industry, Its Product, and Risk/Benefit Analysis of Western Auto Companies Doing Business in The People’s Republic of China; One of Industry’s Stongest Advocates for Boeing C-17 Long Beach Production Line Retention

Contact: Benjamin Ballout or
Myron D. Stokes –


eMOTION! Publisher Myron D. Stokes Presents Ford Marketing Executive Francisco Codina With 2006 Car of The Year Award for Lincoln Zephyr/MK-Z at Chicago Auto Show Image: Ford Motor Company

Los Angeles, CA -( LA Auto Show ) November 28, 2012 –   Veteran Automotive/Aerospace Journalist/Analyst, ZINTRO Expert and eMOTION! Publisher Myron D. Stokes, an award-winning former Newsweek, Newsweek Japan, Newsweek International special correspondent and Interim Bureau Chief, will be available for interviews covering a wide range of automotive/aerospace industry subjects inclusive of product technology,emerging markets, crisis management, the short sightedness of offshoring manufacturing capacity and the technology associated; a re-emergent US auto industry, and the economic and national security implications of failing to protect and secure the country’s ability to manufacture things of value.

“The US cannot exist as as consumer/service economy in the manner of Las Vegas,” says Stokes, “and expect to maintain its status, in symbiotic relationship with Great Britain, as THE world power economically and militarily.”

Moreover, Stokes is convinced, along with colleagues in the US policy shaping arena inclusive of the United States-China Economic and Security Commission (, that US, European and Asian auto companies are at profound risk of losing virtually all control of manufacturing operations in China.

“It is critical that we  change that conversation in light of the  economically devastating effects of overly permissive trade regulatory processes that forced  US automotive and aerospace  entities to compete as companies, while  their international competitors operated as  countries, with the full power and resources of their parent nations,” Stokes said.  “Free trade must be fair, and our  Chinese colleagues, despite having  performed an economic miracle in recent years that rivals that of Japan in the ’80s and ’90’s and membership in the WTO, are  not interested in relinquishing one iota of  the economic advantage they have given their ‘indigenous’ auto companies.”

Stokes has proven capable of discussing virtually every aspect of auto industry analysis with a particular focus on the China presence of western car firms.  He can discuss the risk/benefit of such presence by GM, Ford, Chrysler, the Europeans inclusive of VW; and the Japanese car companies who have  been declared for all intents and purposes “enemies of the state”.  Among other topics: whether the “bailout” of GM and Chrysler was really necessary and why Ford refused; the uncomfortable role that Wall Street played in creating a circumstance that made GM, Ford and Chrysler vulnerable to offshore takeover in the interest of short term gain.

GM Campus Shanghai - Pudong Signing Ceremony

GM Campus Shanghai – Pudong Signing Ceremony Image: GM

GM Bankruptcy/TATA/Jaguar Land Rover
Stokes was directly involved in an effort to stop the declaration of GM bankruptcy through re-evaluation of global assets; coordinated with concerned European governments -excluding Germany – to prevent GM’s attempts to offload Opel resulting in an intervention by those governments; and a very specific role in changing the circumstances under which the Jaguar/Land Rover sale to TATA would occur by bringing Mahindra and Mahindra back to the acquisition table in conjunction with one of the world’s most powerful investment banking institutions working through Ford’s then CFO.

Actor Damian Lewis with new 2013 Jaguar F-Type during VIP reveal at Paramount Studios 27 November

Actor Damian Lewis with new 2013 Jaguar F-Type during VIP reveal at Paramount Studios 27 November, an excellent event attended by eMOTION!’s Publisher Myron D. Stokes          Image:  Jaguar/Land Rover

 Chrysler/Kerkorian   Toyota Intelligence Gathering
Among archived industrial base preservation activities, Stokes helped prevent the
Kerkorian takeover of Chrysler by bringing a “White Knight” into the mix and presented
to the Chrysler board through a senior communications executive. The intervention was
conveyed during an overseas call from Tokyo during the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show. It is now possible to reveal that the late Sir Alex Trotman approved Ford Motor Company’s acting in this capacity following a lengthy interaction with Stokes during a Ford media program.

Toyota Intelligence Gathering  – As Toyota grew in power, profit and influence through its US and global marketing presence which led to its supplanting GM as the world’s largest manufacturer of automobiles, the company’s public comments seemed to be increasingly dismissive of their US counterparts who were complaining about the trade imbalance and quite limited access to the Japanese market.  A trade war was averted in 1995 when Japan agreed to relax its market access requirements subsequent to discussions with then SECCOM Ron Brown (later killed in a Croatia plane crash) and Deputy Mickey Cantor.

In the ensuing years, not much changed relative to Toyota’s view of GM, Ford and Chrysler as competitors, and despite the fact that the company’s US presence was quite legal in addition to an emergent symbiotic relationship between the US and Japan economies, the preservation team decided that a modification of Toyota’s strongly influential position was in order.  Approval was sought in 2002 from US intelligence services to reveal the results of a 1988 global analysis of intelligence gathering activities by major powers, and rather than confirming that the various agencies reviewed were at the top of their game (CIA, NSA, KGB, MI-6, Mossad, et al) Toyota was assessed as the best intelligence gathering organization in the world.

Utilizing a dedicated satellite, 250,000 encrypted messages per day were sent between Toyota City and Torrance.  The CIA was sending half that amount at the time globally…

As a professor of economics at Wayne State University who was made aware of these data proffered at the time:  “Does Toyota have the right to encrypt potentially sensitive corporate data in the form of memos, reports, marketing strategies and Research and Developmental activities?  Absolutely yes.  But, did they provide the de-cryption codes to US intelligence services as required and agreed to between the respective governments?  Apparently no, they didn’t, and by failing to do so placed the entire Toyota organization operating in the west at profound risk.  Had they chosen to do so, the US government would have been perfectly within its rights to confiscate the company’s manufacturing operations, freeze its financial assets, and detain its executive personnel.  Obviously, and perhaps wisely, they didn’t.”

“In spite of the US deciding no punitive actions were required, Stokes observed, “Toyota’s stance changed remarkably, even to the point of defending and offering assistance to GM, Ford and Chrysler during the quite regrettable Congressional ‘bailout’ hearings of 2008.”

Boeing Dreamliner/C-17 Globemaster III

Delivery Ceremony for All Nippon Airways 787 Dreamliner, Everett Field, WA Image: Boeing

On the aerospace side, a recent analysis of Boeing Dreamliner with specific focus on the issues of a nearly unprecedented conjoining of composites to metal within critical
aircraft structure, induced a rethinking of this approach and questioned, as did a GAO analysis, the viability, accuracy and appropriateness of FAA certification processes for aircraft extensively utilizing composites. (Google -Boeing Dreamliner Analysis).

Boeing C-17 During Shortfield Takeoff Tests    Image: USAirForce

Boeing C-17 During Shortfield Takeoff Tests Image: USAirForce

Stokes, along with national security strategist and Walsh College Academician
Dr. Sheila Ronis, has been one of the strongest voices in advocating Boeing C-17
Globemaster III Long Beach production line continuance and preservation
of over 250,000 core manufacturing positions in the US – when one correctly
invokes Keynesian Economic Multipliers – of which at least 5,000 are in California.

Potential interviewers will find it useful to google the following terms: –Veteran Automotive Journalist-; -GM China Analysis-; -Auto Industry Analysis 2013 – (5 of 55 million); -2010 Auto Industry Analysis- (1, 2, 3 of 12 million) ; -Myron D. Stokes, China Auto Industry Analysis- ; -Boeing, Myron D. Stokes-;-Boeing Dreamliner Analysis- -Boeing C17,  Stokes- ; -Richard Holbrooke’s World- ; -Deadra’s Flight- ;-GM’s Transition to China-; – eMOTION! –

Afghanistan Emergency Airlift Relief Mission

The children of the refugee camps in Kabul, Afghanistan, say "Thank you, Deadra Stokes"...  Image: British Afghan Women's Society, London, UK

Following another successful distribution of relief goods through a multinational private/public effort this past November, the children of the refugee camps in Kabul, Afghanistan, say “Thank you, Deadra Stokes”… Image: British Afghan Women’s Society, London, UK

Lastly, in his capacity as Managing Director of Global HeavyLift Holdings, Inc, an entity involved in the creation of a new air transportation industry subset, Stokes has just completed coordination, in conjunction with Kalitta Air US, DHL UK, AviaPartner and Fast Forward Freight of Belgium, and the British Afghan Women’s Society, of a second emergency private airlift relief mission into the refugee camps of Kabul, Afghanistan.  The mission was named “Deadra’s Flight” in honor of Stokes’ wife who recently succumbed to illness.—help-with-airlift-of-winter-childrens-clothes-to-afghanistan-wanted-174768661.html

Publisher’s note: A second phase of this mission will bring critically ill Afghan children to the US for treatment, with Phoenix, AZ medical facilities having been designated for this effort.  A pediatric review team consisting of physicians and other area healthcare professionals is being formed as of now.

Media avails:  Stokes will be available throughout the media previews and during the public show. He will also be accessible for comment during near future auto shows, inclusive of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)  and the New York Auto Show.

Analysis: GM’s Transition to China:

2008 Automotive Industry Analysis:

Main Site: : Call For Restoration of Dewar Trophy in Accordance With 1907 Royal Automobile Club International Rulesets (Parts Interchangability; endurance, reliability)

Archived Press Release: (PR Newswire 2003) Reports Says Department of Defense May Consider US Auto Industry ‘Irrelevant’ to National SecurityAnalysis – “Super-Globalism: Strategies For Maintaining A Robust Industrial Base Through Technological, Policy and Process Improvement”


Defence Policy Analyst: “China’s Arrogance and Belief They are Next World Power Makes War With US/UK Inevitable and Soon” eMOTION! Archives

Defence Policy Analyst: “China’s Arrogance and Belief They are Next World Power Makes War With US/UK Inevitable and Soon”.

Battle of The South China Sea Scenario

Engineers and ground crew inspect China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter during tests; so much for western speculation in 2010 the country’s 5th generation combat aircraft development was “10-15 years” away…. Image: PLA

Prelude to Spyker SAAB Lawsuit – Euphemistic Audacity: eMOTION! Responds to GM China’s Kevin Wales’ Praise of “Innovation Through Commercialization”

Cadillac AERA Concept Embodies Paradigm Shaping Performance, Efficiency and Collision Avoidance Technologies Image: GM

 “Once Again, The Chinese… Have  Proven Themselves Masters of the Endgame, and True Progeny of Sun Tzu…”  -Myron D. Stokes, Publisher and the eMOTION! Industry Analytics Team

Euphemistic Audacity: eMOTION! Responds to GM China’s Kevin Wales’ Praise of “Innovation Through Commercialization”.

Excerpt:    “What Kevin Wales euphemistically calls China’s process of ‘Innovation
through commercialization’ 
to accelerate technology prove-out and
utilization, is simply considered, by every other industrialized society, as
theft, industrial espionage, illegal acquisition of intellectual property,
patent right infringement, unfair trade practice by government subsidization…

“In other words, economic war on a massive scale, coupled with an endgame
strategy epitomizing zero sum. Grammatically, we rank ‘Innovation through commercialization’ right along with ‘ethnic cleansing’ in sheer euphemistic audacity.

“Mr. Wales and other GM executives have played -willingly or unwittingly- into the most reprehensible example of (perhaps) illegal transfer of wealth, technology, production process and economic stability at the DNA level in the history of the world. And of greater concern, a concomitant compromise of US national security through provision of sensitive
technologies -like the neodymium magnets pioneered by former GM subsidiary
Magnequench which was itself inexplicably purchased by the Chinese in the same
time frame GM resumed sales in that country- with weapons applicability to
China’s military.  No, Mel Brooks (History of The World, Part I) is not laughing, nor is Ford amused amidst  recent reports of an F-150 ‘commercialization’ by a Chinese car firm.   And yes, you should be worried: The Once Great Britain learned the hard way as it woke up to the fact that world-renowned brands spawned within its borders were now owned by offshore others, while reducing its manufacturing base capacity to pre-industrial levels.”     Go to full analysis

A Formidable Weapon in GM’s Repertoire of Ultra-High Performance Cadillacs: 2013 CTS-V Coupe.  Publisher Myron D. Stokes’ experience with the CTS-V Sedan in California convinced him that in their price class, the V-Series Coupe, Wagon and Sedan may be the finest luxury performance vehicles in the world. Image: GM

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Revealed as Coordinating Point For “Off-Radar” Afghanistan Refugee Camps Airlift Relief Mission

Global HeavyLift Holdings, Inc. Managing Director Myron D. Stokes Co-directed From Wife’s Mayo Room Unprecedented Conflict Area Airlift of Critical Supplies For At Risk Children With Kalitta Air, DHL UK-Bahrain -Bagram, Fast Forward Freight and AviaPartner Belgium

Children of Kabul Refugee Camps Pose For Zarghona Rassa. Despite Squalid Conditions, Their Faces Reflect Hope and Confidence Image: BAWS

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Global HeavyLift Holdings, Inc., a Delaware incorporated transportation logistics firm involved for the past decade in creating a blueprint of architecture for infrastructure necessary in the establishment of a new globe spanning US-controlled industry, Heavylift, based on very modestly modified Boeing C-17 Globemaster III’s military transport aircraft, today revealed that its Managing Director, Myron D. Stokes, coordinated this past March 2012 with air transport entities Kalitta Air, DHL UK/Bahrain/Bagram, AviaPartner and Fast Forward Freight Belgium a believed unprecedented end-to-end private airlift relief mission to the refugee camps in Kabul, Afghanistan, from his wife Deadra’s bedside at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.

“The mission was primarily in response to the excellent reportage of New York Times correspondent Rod Nordland (enhanced by the powerful and moving photography of Andrea Bruce) along with that of the BBC’s Andrew North earlier this year, revealing dozens of freezing deaths of children owing to a lack of heating fuel and warm clothes in the Kabul camps during an unusually cold winter,” Stokes said.” Relief of the camps was profoundly problematic owing to a near complete breakdown of communications between the US and Afghanistan governments, threats from the Taliban to step up attacks on all western personnel and facilities following the Quran book burnings at Bagram Air Base, and the killing of 16 Afghan civilians by a US soldier.

“Nevertheless, some caring people were not willing to let another child die from unrelenting cold, and British Afghan Women’s Society Director Zarghona Rassa was one of them.”

Go to full release: PR Newswire (




Dr. Andrew Beckwith: “Detailing Coherent, Minimum Uncertainty States of Gravitons, as Semi Classical Components of Gravity Waves, and How Squeezed States Affect Upper Limits to Graviton Mass” – Presentation to G999 Conference, Philadelphia, September 3, 2011 and September 9, Workshop on Astrophysics and Cosmology For Matter and Antimatter, in San Marino, N. Italy.

Dr. Andrew Beckwith: “Detailing Coherent, Minimum Uncertainty States of Gravitons, as Semi Classical Components of Gravity Waves, and How Squeezed States Affect Upper Limits to Graviton Mass” – Presentation to G999 Conference, Philadelphia, September 3, 2011 and September 9, Workshop on Astrophysics and Cosmology For Matter and Antimatter, in San Marino, N. Italy..